Amber (amberly1702) wrote,


I went to the fair...I threw up after riding like 3290483904823 spinning rides or maybe just 5. I have never thrown up at the fair before. Either I'm gettting old or the rides are getting worse. I think its the first one. I didn't even eat any of the scary carnie food before I threw up. At least I didn't throw up on the ride...or on myself. LOL...Kinsey's friend Brittany did though....hehhehe....I'm mean.

I work 4pm to 1am tomorrow...only 7 bucks an hour...I better get some fucking tips or I am going to raise hell. Room service is pretty dull mostly just hang out. I am thinking about quitting my department though because I fucking hate all those people in management. I need to make some real money instead of the 180 bucks I made for work 16 hours in two weeks....that shit sucks.

Some kid on myspace asked me if I like a bunch of authors...I only knew like one out of three. It was pretty pathetic...I felt so ignorant.
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